About the Home Assistant Users Group category

Welcome! this space is for whoever wants to share experiences and challenges around home automation and IoT-based projects, where Home Assistant is your hub of choice.

Clearly the reference remains the HA web site as well as their huge community, but we aim to collect here e.g.:

  • Suggestions or questions you don’t dare asking to the global community :wink:
  • Discussions about French/Swiss-specific issues
  • Why not, sharing about some CERN IoT-stuffed infrastructure and how it could be HA-controlled

New to smart homes? you’re welcome to join the discussion!

Why Home Assistant and not openHAB, ioBroker, etc.? Well, the impression is that Home Assistant is the most popular platform (and yes, it’s the one adopted by us), but you can spin off a discussion forum on any other platform!

Giuseppe and Pedro, IT