Arkham horror 01-12-2019


I’d like to set up another game of Arkham Horror on the coming Sunday (01-12-2019, 14:00).

I suggest the Kingsport Horror expansion (the rules can be found online here). Quickly reading the rules, we have about these 6 options

  • Full expansion (board, investigators+investigator cards+ancient one, harald/guardian)
  • Most of the expansion (board, investigators+investigator cards+ancient one)
  • All except the new board (investigators+investigator cards+ancient one, herald/guardian)
  • Just investigators+investigator cards+ancient one
  • just herald/guardian
  • base game (nothing from kingsport)

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Voting mode inspired from here: tick all the options you’d be happy to play, in case of tie I suggest a show of hands for the preferred option on Sunday.

Please also let me know if you join (

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