Bass player available

Dear musicians,

I’ll be at Cern until the end of 2023 and I’d like to play bass in a band. Classic rock, blues/rock, country/rock, funk, reggae , pop, are in my strings. Not too hard, not too bluesy. Backing vocals ok.
My musical background starts with classical piano as a kid and I still play, mostly to accompany my daughter and her violin. I am also a keyboardist and can play classical, acoustic and electric guitar, but bass is what I’d like to do here.

I am asking for advice on how to contact Cern Music Club bands that might be looking for a (~50 year-old) bass player.

Thanks !

Best regards


I would like to meet and jam.
I play guitar: electric, acoustic and 12-string.
At CERN I currently have an electric guitar and a small tube combo.
When do you want to meet?