Bass player looking for people to play heavy riffs with

Hi everyone ! My name’s Romain, I’m a bass player and I desperately need music in my life x)
I just landed at CERN and will only be there until mid-august (yeah I know it’s not that long time here) but if people want to hire me even for that short I’d be glad :))
I can play any genre with more or less time accomodation to it, my current preferences go for hard rock/punk rock/hair metal/heavy metal but I can also play softer :slight_smile:
Feel free to reach out !

Hey Romain, I am Avikant and I play guitar. I’d be happy to join you, I am into Metal/Rock/Grunge.

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Hi Avikant, thanks for you answer :)) Want to meet someday, maybe for lunch ? Then we could start scheduling playing some heavy shit :metal:
And to @drummer & @singer, feel free to join too ! ^^

Sounds perfect. I usually go to R2 btw, if you are free tomorrow (Friday, 6th of June) we can hangout for lunch.

Could you also share your Mattermost or Email so that I can contact you?


Hii sorry for late reply, yup why not tomorrow lunch (guess I’ll figure out where R2 is xD)
I don’t use mattermost since it feels like a waaaay too big thing for the only 2½ months I’ll spend here, but here’s my email :
See ya!