Call of Cthulhu : Characters

This thread is to post character concepts, archetypes and backgrounds.

Jean is a 34 year old Frenchman. He lives in Montmartre with his fiancée Charlotte who is a musician. On his side, he is an historian teaching History at Sorbonne. Their love his fueled by a common passion at the intersection of both their expertise: esoterism. She is interested in how music ‘enhanced’ rituals. He is interested in how secrecy is part of History. Happily engaged, they went in a world tour. While being in Shanghai, Charlotte went for an errand from which she never came back. Jean, thanks to the having convinced the French local authorities to help him look for another French citizen, learned she was brought into a police station. Officially, she was discharged and signed off. However, the police does not let him see the registry. Using his knowledge of cultural ways of doing, he finally get a lead. She signed off at the same moment of someone else. This lead is about one name: Jude.

Jean (Professor)

Suggested Contacts: Scholars, universities, libraries.
Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 4
Credit Rating: 20–70
Skills: Library Use, Other Language, Own Language, Psychology, any four other skills as academic, era, or personal specialties.

Charlotte (Musician)

Suggested Contacts: Club owners, musicians’ union
Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + (APP × 2 or DEX × 2)
Credit Rating: 9–30
Skills: Art/Craft (Instrument), one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), Listen, Psychology, any four other skills.

The Artist

May be a painter, sculptor, etc. Sometimes self-absorbed and driven with a particular vision, sometimes blessed with a great talent that is able to inspire passion and understanding. Talented or not, the artist’s ego must be hardy and strong to surmount initial obstacles and critical appraisal, and to keep them working if success arrives. Some artists care not for material enrichment, while others have a keen entrepreneurial streak.

Suggested Contacts: Art galleries, critics, wealthy patrons, the advertising industry.
Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + (DEX × 2 or POW × 2)
Credit Rating: 9–50
Skills: Art/Craft (any), History or Natural World, one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate or Persuade), Other Language, Psychology, Spot Hidden, any two other skills as personal or era

Indigenous Tribe Member

Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + (STR × 2 or DEX × 2)
Credit Rating: 0–15
Suggested Contacts: Fellow tribe members.
Skills: Climb, Fighting or Throw, Listen, Natural World, Occult, Spot Hidden, Swim, Survival (any).

Swap out any skill for Dream Lore.