Classic Rock Band: Actively looking for singers

To whomever it may concern,

Recently, as you might know, our band sent an e-mail looking for drummers.

We are on the market as well for singers. Male or female – It does not matter – we can adapt to both.

Provided you have experience singing live and if consider yourself to have stage presence, we would like to invite you to come jam and us and feel the chemistry and discuss what we could possibly do regarding the future of our group.

We are mostly playing classic rock right now. However, we plan on expanding our lineup in the future and do some funky 70s songs. As of right now we are playing:

  • Classic Rock :
    • Dire Straits,
    • Rolling Stones,
    • The Beatles,
    • Deep Purple
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Eric Clapton,
    • George Harrison,
    • Tom Petty
  • Smooth/Yatcht:
    • Eagles,
    • Fleetwood Mac,
    • Phil Collins,
    • Possibly
      • Toto
      • Steely Dan
      • Doobie Brothers
  • Prog Rock :
    • Pink Floyd
    • Possibly
      • Yes
      • Genesis
      • King Crimson
  • Alternative :
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • Jamiroquai

So far, our members have the following experience:

  • We have semi-professional gigging experience
    • In our past band we played some paid gigs around the Meyrin area and in our respective home countries
  • We are funky and groovy - have good chemistry between members.
  • We are good improvisers.
  • Can do vocal harmonies and we know music theory.
  • We can all sing albeit with different voice registers.
    • Nonetheless, it is important to mention – we are mostly backup singers, not lead singers.

We are versatile in the instruments we play - we all are multi-instrumentalists.

Finally, bear in mind that the current setlist is NOT DEFINED, meaning – whatever, as a singer you can offer, is good for us and we can change it depending on our chemistry and how your vocals would fit with our sound.

Looking for like-minded players that want to have fun but also progress as cohesive unit.

We have the goal of playing gigging pubs and cafés around the area,


Jose Bras