Classic Rock Band: Looking for a drummer


We are looking for a drummer for a classic rock project. Currently we are mostly jamming:

  • Classic Rock: Dire Straits, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Clapton
  • Prog: Pink Floyd
  • Smooth/Yacht Rock: The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac
  • Alternative/Funk: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai

So far we already have three members:

  • With semi-professional gigging experience (in our past band we played some paid gigs around the Meyrin area and in our respective home countries)
  • We have play funky and groovy and have good chemistry between members
  • We are good improvisers, can do vocal harmonies and we know our theory :slight_smile:
  • 2 guitar players, 1 bass player, we all sing albeit with different voice registers
  • We are versatile in the instruments we play - we all are multi instrumentalists

Recently we have been jamming the classics but we are planning to expand to more funky performances provided our line up grows.

Looking for like-minded players that wanna have fun but also progress as cohesive unit.

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José Brás