Mar-13 CGC: All CERN Golf competitions are currently suspended until further notice

Mar-17 FFG : Corpo - toutes nos compétitions Entreprise sont annulées jusqu’au 31 mai

May-11 CERN Update: Concerning CERN Club activities, All activities, whether on or off the CERN site, remain suspended (with the exception of virtual club activities), please refer to the link: . For further general information see CERN’s restart plans

Reprise des compétitions Entreprise le samedi 22 aout

La situation sanitaire s’étant maintenant bien améliorée, nous pourrons reprendre nos compétitions Entreprise le samedi 22 aout par la qualif de la Coupe Rhône-Alpes pour le calendrier de fin de saison prévu.

Pascal BARON Délégué Golf Entreprise Ligue Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Due to the current Covid-19 regulations all CERN Golf competitions, lessons and the match-play are on hold. More news will follow the next national announcements