Dice Rollers

Rolling Dice

Roll actual, physical dice

If you’re playing mostly in person, this might be the best option! If not, just use the honor system or point your camera at your desk when your GM gets suspicious.

Dice Rolling Apps

Dice rolling apps are a dime-a-dozen on Apple and Android phones. Just roll the dice, and show the screen to your table or your camera.


This is a bot that you add to a Discord server. Built off Avrae, but rebuilt for greater randomness, and look up features. It did remove combat management and Character sheet. Includes the ability to speak as monsters; Random/NPC Character Generator, freetext search and many other features.

This is a bot that you add to a Discord server. It is by far the best non-VTT dice rolling option for D&D players. This is more than just a dice roller — you can look up things in the SRD, manage combat, and roll macros from character and NPC sheets too! It connects to DiceCloud, D&D Beyond, and Google Sheets character sheets (see below for more on those.) In many ways this tool is more robust than Roll20’s basic dice rolling functionality.

Discord Sidekick

A discord dice roller bot that’s excellent for any RPG and varied dice mechanics. You can even save rolls.

Discord Savage Bot

While it has features specific to Savage Worlds (Bennies, Card based initiative, Wild Die), it dice-rolls almost anything (including Fate), and its tokens feature can be very handy for most RPGs.

Standard Action

If you’re using Standard Action to share your battlemaps, you can easily roll dice on there.

Online Group Dice Rollers

There are lots of ‘em, here’s a couple:

Unseen Servant


Roll For Your Party