Diplomacy / war game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomacy_(game)

Hi all, I am new to the club.
As I was a child, a friend of mine had the game Diplomacy,
which we played for days and stored it under the bed in order
not to destroy the state of the game. Unfortunately I don’t have
the game.

The most interesting aspect is that one plays synchronously,
using a paper trail that is manually processed.
It was much fun in those days.
So if someone has the game and the time to play it, I would
like to play it with 4+ people.



Yes, we have a copy of the game in the Board Games Club. We used to play from time to time before the covid times. Unfortunately the current rules are pretty limiting for gaming… but I would be glad to organize a game when we are more open.

I am also new to the club.
Yes, I was introduced to Diplomacy by my partner’s family one Christmas Eve a few years ago, but the outcome was not what I expected. By the end of the game, emotions were boiling up, everyone was fighting with each other and Christmas was “almost” ruined.
But other than that, it was a super fun game and I would love to play again.

I would definitely join in if you guys decide to play.