Game setting

Gests of Varisia takes place in a frontier land named Varisa where a few free cities are vying to control a mostly wild and unexplored environment.

Society, economy and technology are comparable to Europe’s late middle-age / early Renaissance with important fantasy adaptations:

  • Magic, although not very powerful, permeate society, giving better health, food and comfort than available historically in our world.
  • The presence of fantasy races intermingling with humans (the dominant species in numbers) make society very cosmopolitan although not without prejudices.
  • Monstrous creatures, intelligent or not, are not legend but could be encountered, especially outside in the wilderness.
  • There is a pantheon of Gods or very powerfull beings that do grant mystic powers to some of their followers (see magic above).

This game setting is an adaptation of Paizo’s Golarion campaign setting, while the game system used to play is Pathfinder’s Core Rulebook.


More importantly, a lot of the material used in this setting is borrowed from Paizo’s Adventure Paths (Rise of the Runelords, Jade Regent, etc.). Most of this material can be found on-line and should be avoided i) to prevent spoilers ii) because many timelines, events and characters have been replaced or thoroughly altered.

Questions about the game setting or rules should be addressed on this thread.