Painting minis / board game stores in Geneva

Hi Games Club!
I’ve just joined CERN. I’m looking to visit a game store and paint some minis.
Do you know somewhere in Geneva I can do this?
Do you have a favourite games cafe / recommendations?

Hi Kay,

Welcome to the Games Club! I was holding back from answering in the hope that someone else could answer you better than I can, but it seems not!

Unfortunately I don’t have any specific recommendations about painting minis. I know of some games shops in France which you could check : try Les Arts Frontères in Ferney-Voltaire and Saint-Genis.

I’m not so familiar with shops in Geneva, but you could try asking on SwissRPG. They have a Discord server for Swiss Romandie.

The Games Club has also recently set up a Mattermost server, you could also try also asking there.

Hope that helps!