[People] The protagonists

Her red hair are uncommon for people of her ethnicity, but Ayita is easily identified as a member of one of the Shoanti clans (or “Quah” as they call them) leaving in Northern and Eastern Varisia. More specifically her Shoanti tattoos tells the knowledgeable that she belongs to the Shiikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan).
Although arrived in Sandpoint a few days before the Swallowtail festival, Ayita is well known in town for her huge wolf always tailing her and the fearsome Klar (a bladed shield made with the head of a horned spirestalker) she wears proudly. She also confirmed the reputation of skilled horse riders of her clan by winning the horsemanship competition during the Swallowtail festival.

Lars Cher arrived in Sandpoint with many of the visitors coming from Magnimar to take part in the Swallowtail festival. He is however already famous among the locals for having won one of the festival’s competitions (some even say he deserved to win two of them).
Lars is a young man with white hairs and a pale complexion. He wears a very fancy red coat on top of a black leather armor studded with silvery inlinings as well as two long kukris sheathed on his side.