[PoI] Sandpoint's Basilica


Easily the largest building in Sandpoint, this basilica is also the town’s newest structure. Built over the foundations of the previous temple, the basilica is not dedicated to the worship of a single deity. Rather, it gathers under its eaves the six most commonly worshiped deities in the region: Desna, Gozreth, Erastil, Abadar, Sarenrae, and Shelyn. The building provides chapels for all of these deities in a communal forum, in a way, Sandpoint basilica is six different churches under one impressive roof.

The original temple built here was a collection of six different shrines, each its own building and connected to the others by open-air walkways. Desna’s worship was incorporated into these shrines as part of the peace accord with the local Varisians, but the original builders included five other deities as well. Three of these (Abadar, Sarenrae, and Shelyn) were patrons of the original founders of the Sandpoint Mercantile League, while the others (Gozreh, Erastil, and Desna) were the most popular among the initial settlers.

When the old temple burnt to the ground several years ago, Lady Deverin set into motion a bold initiative. Not only would the chapel be rebuilt, but it would be rebuilt on a grand scale. A basilica would be constructed in place of the temple, and it would be made of stone and glass. Funding for this project came partially from the founding families, partially from Sandpoint businesses eager to earn favor in the eyes of the gods, and partially from the respective churches. It took 5 years to finish the basilica, but the end result is truly impressive. To the south, facing Sandpoint’s heart, are the shrines of civilization: Erastil and Abadar. To the west, offering a view of the Old Light and the sea beyond, are the shrines of Gozreh and Desna. And to the east, offering a view of the Sandpoint Cemetery and the rising sun, are the shrines of Sarenrae and Shelyn.

The previous temple hosted fewer than a dozen acolytes, led by a well-loved cleric named Ezakien Tobyn, who sadly perished in the fire that claimed the church. Also lost in the fire was his daughter Nualia Tobyn. The new high-priest of Sandpoint is his most accomplished student, a pleasant man named Abstalar Zantus.

Himself a worshiper of Desna, Abstalar is very open about matters of faith and has slipped into the role of advisor for worshipers of other gods of Sandpoint with ease. Around Abstalar there are two dozen acolytes and 6 oblates each dedicated to a specific chapel. Besides Abstalar, there are a few known people that have been gifted with divine powers and recognized as such:

  • Carmelia Darkpeat, a young hobbit with the touch of Gozreh, but she’s rarely seen in the basilica and spend most of her time in the countryside among the farmers. When in town, she’s more likely to be with the town healer Hannah.
  • Jasper Korvaski, a Chelaxian man that hold a sacred key of Abadar and manages the Mercantile League. Jasper spend most of his time at the Mercantile league but lead the cult of Abadar once a week. When in the basilica he’s more likely to discuss political than faith matters with Abstalar.
  • Hauldywin Tavitiu, a Varisian man radiating the light of Sarenrae. Hauldywin is more adventurous than his peers and follows the Varisian Caravans during the summer. He has not been seen in town for several months and was expected to return from the North for the Swallowtail festival.