RPG : Looking for players

After a longer time of abstinence, I would be interested in doing some RPG again. Thus I’m looking for a group to join or a bunch of players to form a group.

My former experience with RPG systems is mostly D&D(3.5), The Dark Eye and Vampire as well as some homebrew systems. However I’m open to almost any system - preferably some kind of classical fantasy/medieval setting.

I have acted as GM several times in the past. However I actually wouldn’t mind to just be a humble player.

Is there any group out there looking for an additional player? Or are there other gamers around interested to form a new group?


Hi! I’d be interested in joining a small group. My experience comes from playing DND 5e.

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Hi! I’m interested as well.

I propose, we wait for maybe two more. Then we could get together and see if we can agree on what to do exactly.

There is already a group that sometimes struggles to reach the quorum to play. If you want to join you are welcome. We are just level 3-4.

-Game: pathfinder (similar to find 3.5).
-Location: r1, cooled space.
-Time: Tuesday 6.30 or 7 pm.

Thanks for reporting.
For the moment we decided to try to start something new. We, that currently means 1 DM and 3 players.
We aim at starting some DnD 5e adventure.