Video and Text Chat for Gaming

Discord — A great Skype alternative with features aimed at gamers. Voice quality is much higher, and you can roll dice on it (see dice roller).

Jitsi Meet — Completely free browser-based voice and video chat. Doesn’t require a separate app, just the browser. There is an iOS and Android app, though you can just use the phone browser if you “request desktop site”.**

Skype — The one everyone uses. But it sucks, except that it has the ability to overlay a tiny window in the corner of your screen if you use other apps during the game. It’s still probably an improvement over Roll20’s video conferencing.

Hangouts — Basically Google Skype. No desktop client.

Zoom — Good voice and video clarity, and it has an overlay feature for those of us who use other apps to game. The downsides? It costs $15/month to make group calls longer than 40 minutes, the text chat sucks and it suffers from a range of privacy issues, see these articles from EFF and Security Boulevard

RoleGate — text chat service that lets you play RPGs asynchronously, with chat tools, character sheets, and a dice roller. Only thing it lacks is a battlemap (might I suggest Standard Action?)