WHS implementation document from the FFG

This document explains how the new WHS will be implemented in France:


Your scores will now appear as the handicap you played to for any given round, rather than a score in Stableford points. Be aware that, if on any hole you score more than net double bogey or do not finish the hole, the score for that hole will be counted as a net double bogey. In principle this is the same as scoring 0 points Stableford, but may take some time for us to get used to.

Your index will be calculated by taking an average of the best 8 scores from your last 20 rounds. These rounds could be scores from as far back as 2012. If you still don’t have 20 valid scores, then the system will take fewer than 8 scores to make its calculations.

Handicap updates will be performed overnight on a daily basis.

One big change we will have to get used to is that it will be more difficult to predict your new handicap, since as soon as you have > 20 scores in your history, older scores will start to disappear from calculations, so an older good score might no longer be in the last 20.

Finally, pre-announced, non-competition rounds may also be entered, but the FFG has decided this will only be for handicaps of 11.5 or higher. These scores must be verified by a marker and will be submitted via an app, still to be released.